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Welcome to Henderson County Illinois

If you have historical information or photographs of Henderson County, or its families that you would share with others, please hold them until a new County Coordinator is in place. Henderson County is adoptable. If interested please contact ILGenWeb

Facts About Henderson County

Henderson County is located in the Mississippi River Basin in west-central Illinois. It is bounded on the west by the Mississippi river and Iowa. Imagine acre upon acre, mile after mile of corn fields with a bit of timber and a few sleepy rural towns mixed in and you will have a fairly accurate picture of Henderson County. It is made up of gently rolling prairie with a few bluffs near the river. The soil is a rich black loam over clay, which makes this a very fertile farming region. The primary crops are corn and soybeans, but beautiful melons, apples and other fruits and vegetables are still grown. The climate is Mixed humid, which means we experience hot, moist summers and VERY cold winters.
When our ancestors arrived in the area, they would have found the same bit of timber and river bluff, but the bulk of the area would have been filled with tall prairie grasses. I am sure that they were lured by the promise of that fertile soil and the river, which in the days before the railroad existed was a major means of transportation and shipping. Aside from farming, shipping, hunting and trapping, early industries included saw and flour mills. There were also Newspapers in the area in the 1850's and I look forward to getting some of the information from them posted.

A family tree can wither
if nobody tends it's roots

The Illinois motto is "Land of Lincoln" and he was an early visitor in the county. Illinois originally belonged to the French and British. It was part of the NorthWest Territory. Having been part of several other counties, lastly Warren, it became a county in it's own right in 1841. The county seat is in Oquawka Illinois.

We have a new Lookup Volunteer!

I am happy and excited to announce that we now a couple who have volunteered to do lookups! Their names are Gary L. and Joyce Barnett. His family is from Henderson County and Gary and wife Joyce are already members of the Warren and Henderson County Genealogical Societies, as well as volunteers in Henderson County. Gary states that both sides of his family came from Henderson county and they have extensive knowledge of early families in the area. His wife Joyce has been hard at work in the Genealogy room at the Henderson County Library doing Obituary cards. I am told there are over 9000 cards currently on file in the Biggsville Library. Please see the Lookup page for contact information and guidelines for your request.

New Cemetery Page

I have added a new Cemetery page with pictures that is titled "other." These pictures are ones that I have taken in area cemeteries that are very close to or on the border of Henderson County. Please be aware that the pictures are ones I took a long time ago while researching my own family. I will continue to add pictures and organize the page a bit as I have time. I also continue to add Obituaries and death notices. I tend to work in fits and starts as I have time, so please bear with me and keep checking back. Earlier today I did update the freefind engine, so everything added up to that point should show up when you use the search box.