Townships and Villages in Henderson County

Henderson County is broken down into eleven townships. These were most likely the original blocks, as they were surveyed. Within these township blocks, there may be cities, towns, villages and "places or unincorporated areas." Please note that the names of these villages may have changed over the years. Oquawka was first named Yellow Banks, as that is what the Indians called it; as it was a beach with yellow sand. The area that is now known as Hopper, was first called Warren, then Hopper mills and now simply Hopper.Also note that Dallas City is partiallly in Henderson county, but part of the town is located in another county. In other words, if you moved across town in Dallas city, your County records may have moved to another county. Also be aware, that Burlington (Des Moines) county Iowa is just across the bridge, so at times you may find records there, for your Henderson County ancestors.

Townships Villages Unincorporated
Bald Bluff Biggsville Olena
Biggsville Gladstone Hopper
Carmen Lomax Lone Tree
Gladstone Media Carthage Lake
Oquakwa Stronghurst Decorra
Raritan Gulfport Shokokon
Terre Haute